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for a connected world

Who We Are

Sology Solutions is a technology system integrator specializing in Internet of Things (IoT) applications and deployments. Sology performs in all areas of the IoT stack, from networking, data collection to actionable customer dashboards.

What We Do

We guide clients up the IoT stack

Through the benefits of 5G, cloud migrations, and edge computing, Sology uses its expertise to guide clients up the IoT stack, all within a secure environment.

We help our clients see beyond the sensors and applications to find meaningful data with insightful dashboards, resulting in increased overall efficiency.

Why We Do It

The digital economy has exposed the need for digital equity.

Sology Solutions is committed to closing the digital equity gap by working with partners and customers to deliver broadband and other technologies to underserved communities.

As an MBE technology firm, we look to make an impact in the communities we serve.  Through our projects, partners, and employees we look to assist in improving digital literacy and the adoption of technology for digital equity in a digital economy.

Why Sology Solutions?

Attentive listeners who clearly understand your objectives

We communicate at your level of technical proficiency

Expertise in intelligent spaces and emerging technologies

Agile and responsive to quickly adapt to situational changes

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