We are living in unprecedented times. An all too familiar phrase now. And this pandemic has most certainly triggered an unprecedented demand for digital health technology solutions.

“We need your commitment, so we can turn those ideas into reality and work with public health agencies and frontline health workers to put this pandemic to rest.” WHO Director-General, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

The most effective and sustainable approach to deal with a pandemic is to monitor, prevent, intervene, diagnose, treat, and communicate. Unlike past epidemics/pandemics, this one comes at a time when technological innovation and development is at extraordinary levels. The ubiquity of mobile devices, apps, and Internet connectivity provides a golden opportunity for efficiency in tackling the pandemic.  Fortunately, COVID-19 has revealed successful technology solutions such as population screening for tracking the infection, prioritizing the use and allocation of resources, and designing targeted responses.

Sology Solutions is diligent about leveraging technology for the public good and works with eco-system partners whose technologies are turning our world smarter for the benefit of people and communities.

No public good is more paramount than conquering this virus. Quantela — a pioneer in artificial intelligence and smart cities technologies — is a long-standing partner of Sology Solutions. Its mission is to ensure that cities become more resilient in order to adapt to rapid urbanization and challenges posed; and that citizens lead a better quality of life by experiencing the power of real-time connected urban infrastructure.

Quantela’s platform Co VER — coronavirus emergency response platform — is an end-to-end solution for monitoring, managing, tracking, diagnosing, communicating, collaborating, and preventing the impact of coronavirus. The platform comes with a command and control center that can be used by the state and central government to monitor, collaborate, educate, contain and predict the Covid-19 spread.

To learn more about this timely technology solution, watch this video: