Partnership Will Expand Internet Access and Smart City Services in Underserved Areas

Richardson, Texas (September 1, 2020)  Sology Solutions today announced a strategic partnership with Smart City Media, LLC, which will further its efforts to bridge the digital divide across the United States. The companies share a belief in addressing the needs of underserved communities, while building out a citywide network and generating significant revenue for municipalities to fund critical needs.

This partnership reflects Sology’s ecosystem-driven business model and its commitment to identify partners with like-minded vision to help the underserved. As indicated in recent new alliances with Hollywall Development Company (HWDC) and Clifton, Weiss & Associates (CWA), Sology recognizes it requires a consortium of players who take a holistic and inclusive approach in order to put the necessary infrastructure into place for these areas.

“Smart City Media shares in Sology’s vision of serving communities and people who are currently underserved. They are an outstanding partner and together we look forward to meeting the critical needs of cities across the country,” said Tom Touchet, CEO of Smart City Media.

As a systems integrator, Sology works with Smart City Media to deploy kiosks and an associated digital infrastructure known as CityPost®, an interactive broadcast that mixes curated local posters and city apps for enhanced street-level communications. The company’s services include real-time, multimodal transit info, IoT safety services, and small business inclusion. The network of smart community bulletin boards is designed, installed, operated, and managed by a team dedicated to helping grow smart city services. The CityPost platform democratizes outdoor media and powers smart city connectivity and services.

“These kiosks are not only an end device for use in tourist and high-traffic areas. With the build-out of the fiber network to manage the displays, it becomes a foundation for smart cities to put into place the necessary infrastructure to close this critical digital gap.” said Ed Christmas, Sology’s founder and managing principal. “The pandemic has heightened the need for home WiFi for schoolchildren and remote workers alike.”

While other companies may focus on deployment into high-traffic areas that already have WiFi, Sology and Smart City Media are deliberate to deploy kiosks into areas without internet access. They pledge to collaborate with cities to identify programs and content that will leverage technology to help connect vulnerable communities to opportunities and resources they need to be part of the successful growth of the city.

Sology and Smart City Media are dedicated to using technology to drive inclusive economic growth that improves the quality of life for all socio-economic communities. Digital access points and integration into existing infrastructure allow for rapid expansion of public WiFi, digital citizen engagement at the kiosks, and reduction of the digital divide.


About Sology Solutions
Sology Solutions is an integrated technology solutions provider, digitizing spaces to make them intelligent and connected. Focusing on smart communities and transportation, Sology works with its technology partners to deliver networked integration that is scalable and future ready. Applications include smart streetlight control, digital kiosks, gunshot detection, video analytics, and intelligent traffic and notification systems. Demonstrating leadership in the demand for smarter and safer communities, Sology improves the security, operational efficiency, and situational awareness of communities by leveraging the network to connect devices, making them “smart” and even predictive. Sology is a Cisco Premier Certified Partner and a certified Minority Business Enterprise. Learn more at

About Smart City Media
Smart City Media is one of the fastest growing companies in the Internet of Things (IoT) market and aims to connect the unconnected by infusing media, technology and interactivity into places and spaces it has never been before. Smart City Media blends virtual and physical worlds together with great thought, cause, and care. For more information, visit: