Industrial Control Systems’ (ICS) networks frequently fall prey to cyber attacks. To fight cyber criminals, Cisco, through acquisition, has launched Cyber Vision, a solution to extend Information Technology (IT) security to Operational Technology (OT). Sology Solutions is proud to be an authorized IoT Cisco partner selected to offer Cyber Vision to our customers.

Cisco Cyber Vision is a cybersecurity solution specifically designed for organizations in power and water distribution, oil & gas, manufacturing, and public transportation to ensure continuity, resilience, and safety of their industrial operations. It provides asset owners with full visibility into their ICS networks, so they can ensure process integrity, build secure infrastructures, drive regulatory compliance and enforce security policies through seamless integration with the IT Security Operations Center (SOC) and easy deployment within the industrial network. Cisco Cyber Vision leverages Cisco industrial network equipment to monitor industrial operations and feeds Cisco IT security platforms with OT context to build a unified IT/OT cybersecurity architecture.

At Sology, we have built upon our years of serving the traditional network, communications, and security verticals to become a leader in the IoT space. Today, we are leaders in Smart Cities and Smart Transportation and have a proven track-record of success. Adding Cisco’s Cyber Vision to our technology offerings, we have the most advanced and powerful solutions portfolio available.

As specialists in operational technology, Sology has made the investment in equipment to test the capabilities of this product before putting it in a production environment. This lab setting allows us to design and respond to the specific needs of our customers.

Whether it is a need for a precise view of an industrial asset inventory to start segmenting a network or live monitoring of ICS application flows to detect intrusions and abnormal behaviors, Sology Solutions will define the path forward and extend cybersecurity policies to the operational technology domain.

Sology Solutions is actively seeking organizations to pilot programs integrating the Cisco Cyber Vision solution. Sology offers a full risk assessment for customers wanting to gain visibility into their industrial network, detecting threats before it is too late, and still maintain productivity.

Let Sology Solutions help you take the next step.

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