Partnership Bridges the Digital Divide to Change Economic Outlook for Underserved Areas

(Richardson, Texas) — October 26, 2021 — Sology Solutions today announced a strategic alliance with Omnipoint Technology Partners, LLC, which will further its efforts to bridge the digital divide across the U.S. The partnership’s focus is to bring affordable broadband into underserved communities to create digital equity and improve overall economic development.

As numerous studies have validated the digital divide, recent reports reveal that race and income are significant factors. According to a study by Allconnect, Black and Hispanic Americans are significantly more likely to not have a home internet connection than white Americans. While society has only been made aware of the digital gap as a result of the pandemic, Sology Solutions has been mindful of this issue for years.

This new partnership, along with its existing partner, Smart City Media, are pioneers in this initiative and are doing more than just building broadband infrastructure. Their goal is to deploy affordable high-quality, high-speed broadband services that serve as the foundation for improving economic outcomes in unconnected communities and then provide digital literacy engagement needed to uplift communities that otherwise would be left behind by the digital economy. Having broadband connectivity affords residents to gain access to healthcare, education, jobs, security, and other resources.

As an Internet Service Provider and Network Operator, Omnipoint Technology utilizes cutting edge and cost effective Fixed LTE technology, which is provided to clients at a fair price with exceptional customer service. They bring wireless 5G fiber backhaul and broadband through fast and easy-to-deploy solutions that deliver flawless, predictable performance.

“We are pleased to partner with Sology Solutions on smart city and smart campus projects. Our combined technical expertise will position us to build model projects that work to close the digital divide while enhancing the overall lives of residents in cities, HBCUs and rural communities operating in a rapidly changing technology market. Our current work in the 17 Blackbelt counties of the GetWiredAlabama is an example of this.” said Timothy Paul, CEO of Omnipoint Technology.

Sology Solutions is a systems integrator with a breadth of expertise digitizing spaces to make them intelligent and connected, offering design and implementation of secure solutions spanning the IoT stack. Sology is recognized for its ecosystem-driven business model, multi-level partnership approach, and record of operational excellence.

Sology is a long-standing specialized Cisco Partner and a member of its African American Cisco Partner Community. This partnership with Omnipoint supports Sology’s role in the AACPC program and its effort to carry out their vision for digital equity.

“Sology strives for the equitable transformation of underserved communities into technology and innovation hubs that fully engage residents in the digital economy.  Our deployments leverage public and private infrastructures to provide broadband internet which evolves into a community utility enabling multiple services across the digital divide. We do this because affordable, accessible connectivity is a core 21st century civil right.” said Ed Christmas, Sology’s founder and managing principal. “Our partnership with Omnipoint completes our ecosystem arrangement to reach these goals.”


About Omnipoint Technology
Omnipoint Technology is an award-winning ISP and Network Operator. Established in 2015, Omnipoint exists to offer a better standard of broadband and technology services nationwide with excellent customer support, while offering industry-leading prices and outstanding value for money. Omnipoint has established partnerships with AT&T, Verizon, and Lat Long Infrastructure, allowing for rapid deployment and expansion. Omnipoint is proud to be a certified Minority Business Enterprise.

About Sology Solutions
Sology Solutions is an integrated technology solutions provider, specializing in IoT technologies to develop smart, secure and connected spaces. Focusing on communities and transportation, Sology works with its technology partners to deliver networked integration that is scalable and future ready. Applications include secure communication networks of IoT sensors for data collection, aggregation, analysis, and insight dashboards. Sology is a Cisco Certified Partner and a certified Minority Business Enterprise. Learn more at