November 8, 2021

Sology Solutions is proud to be featured in Cisco’s current edition of dynamo, a quarterly publication that celebrates the entrepreneurs, innovators, and craftspeople behind small and medium-sized businesses and the Cisco partners who help push those businesses forward. The stories in dynamo showcase the ingenuity and perseverance of SMBs, and explore their unique journeys.

Founder and Managing Principal, Ed Christmas, was interviewed about his work and commitment to address digital inequities and the issues surfacing because of the digital divide. In the article “Digital literacy: A call for awareness, understanding, and action”, Christmas shares “This isn’t just about internet connectivity. The long-term goal is to improve digital literacy, expand workforce development, and increase entrepreneurship and commerce within under-served communities.”

The article goes into depth on Christmas’ view on how change must take place on two levels: interpersonal relationships and partnerships that bring together both sides of the digital divide, along with provision of access to modern tools and training for how to use the technology.

To read this inspiring story in its entirety, click here.

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“What small businesses may lack in human and financial resources, they make up with ambition, smarts, tenacity, and in many cases, technology.” Denise Lee, VP, Cisco Small Business