About Us


To navigate clients through digital transformation as they deploy technologies to improve safety and situational awareness in the city or community they serve.

Sology has been at the forefront of the Internet of Things (IoT) movement, migrating our customers from disparate appliances to integrated networked-based safety and security applications. Today, we are a leader in smart cities and intelligent transportation.

As a technical services company, we are project managers and technology advisors offering communication networks and system design, implementation and integration. Additionally, we offer ongoing support and maintenance contracts.

Our executive team has a deep passion and boundless experience in advanced IT/communications systems specializing in enterprise, transportation, and municipal environments.

Sology Solutions is headquartered in the heart of the North Dallas telecom corridor in Richardson, Texas.

Sology Solutions provides technical solutions for smart cities in state and local government, education and utilities / oil and gas, and for smart transportation in transit agencies, departments of transportation and city traffic intersections.


  • Expertise in intelligent spaces
  • Understanding of emerging markets, technical knowledge to identify those worthy of investment
  • Ability to speak technically or in common language according to the level of expertise of each client
  • Clear communicators
  • Agile and responsive 
  • Strong ecosystem of partners with best of breed products
  • Leading-edge technology
  • MBE and DBE certified


Our customers often need more than a system integrator. They need a firm that can help them gather and communicate complex data to multiple levels and decision-makers within the organizations involved in the project.

Sology Solutions utilizes IoT to collect new data and convert it into actionable items. We have the unique ability to translate technical information into simple yet meaningful pieces for our clients.

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850 East Arapaho Road
Suite 210
Richardson, TX 75081