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Starbucks’ Story Using Meraki Analytics

Starbucks’ vision is “to inspire and nurture the human spirit one person, one cup, one neighborhood at a time.” That bold goal might seem ill-fitted for a coffee shop at first. However, it is not a stretch for Starbucks. The company delivers one of the best customer experiences on the planet. Its many locations are woven through local communities and sought out daily, as evidenced by long drive-through lines and airport queues.

In-store network connectivity is essential to the Starbucks experience, and Meraki Analytics plays a crucial role.

Following an exhaustive RFP process, Starbucks landed on a full stack Meraki solution to address the need for management, visibility, and automation. At the beginning of the refresh, Starbucks struggled with configuration drift as manual input errors threw the project off its 24-month timeline, and resulted in unacceptable disruption to daily store operations.

As a result, the lead application developer at Starbucks convinced leadership to employ automation, and the business results were compelling. Over 40,000 manual labor hours were reclaimed, $20M was realized in operational expense savings across one domain alone, and the average infrastructure configuration time per store was reduced from 6+ hours to 7 minutes. Equally compelling is that these improvements have equated to 14 days of process efficiencies for new store openings.

While your business may not need to adopt Meraki Analytics to this scale, if it works to drastically improve operations for a powerhouse like Starbucks, it’ll help to improve your business, too.

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