Small and Medium Businesses

IoT devices and systems, and the data they gather, empower small-and medium-size businesses (SMBs) to turn potential into opportunities.

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Putting IoT to work for your business

Business operations evolve, especially for SMBs with 50-500 staff, driven by the variety of devices you may already be using or know you need.
 Once connected to a network, these devices and systems form the Internet of Things (IoT). When integrated, they offer valuable data, transforming your business in numerous ways.


Asset & Inventory Tracking Mobile Devices


Video surveillance and security cameras


Access Controls


Emergency & Mass Notification Systems


Point-of-Sale Devices


WiFi Network


Environmental sensors (sound, air quality, water detection, etc.)

Maximize outcomes

Here are just some of the business outcomes you can
expect when you maximize the effectiveness of your IoT systems.

Safer environment for employees, visitors, and customers.

Enhanced customer and end-user experiences

Optimized asset and inventory tracking and management

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Ability to ensure regulatory 

Reduced theft and enhanced responsiveness

Empowered decision-making across your organization

Overcome your challenges

How can you leverage all these applications and the data that comes from them to drive business forward when so much is getting in the way?

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    Limited staff and resources

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    Increasing security threats

  • img

    Evolving compliance requirements

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    Outdated IT systems

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    No visibility into devices

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    Constant cost pressures and energy uses

And what are you supposed to do with all that data when you get your hands on it?

If you’re eager to grow and take advantage of new and advanced technologies, but don’t know where to start, Sology is here to help. We empower businesses—of all sizes and in all industries—to put IoT to work for their businesses. From integrating all the devices you already have to identifying gaps and advising you on the right systems to fill them, Sology helps you make the most of your IoT and data to reach your full potential.

Imagine the IoT possibilities

Check out these case studies, from some of our best-in-class partners, to see how small- and mid-size businesses, like yours, have effectively utilized IoT solutions to:

  • Improve business outcomes
  • Elevate user experiences
  • Enhance operational efficiencies
  • And make better informed decisions

Distribution / Warehouse

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Houses of Worship

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Do more with your data

Download our infographic to learn more about how Sology empowers you to do more with your data.

Solutions built just for you

At Sology, we understand your business is unlike any other. Sure, there are similarities with other SMBs in your industry, but there are also nuances that are unique to your business—challenges, workflows, teams, measures of success. That’s why we take the time to get to know your business before we do anything else.


We listen to you and then tailor an IoT solution plan based on your needs and business goals. Our top priority is to help you improve your operational efficiencies while elevating the customer or end-user experience.


We have deep knowledge and experience in working with large enterprises and can scale down our product offerings for SMBs, providing a customized and affordable technology solution plan.


We treat our clients as a partner, not a transaction and complement your in-house resources and other partners, not compete against them.

Comprehensive end-to-end services

We are with you at every step of your journey and provide complete services including design, procurement, installation and integration, and support and maintenance.

Put the power of IoT to work for you!

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