Smart Technologies for a connected world

Who We Are

Sology Solutions is a technology system integrator specializing in networked Internet of Things (IoT) applications and deployments. Sology performs in all areas of the IoT stack, from networking, data collection to actionable customer dashboards.

Iot Stack

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Insight Dashboards

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Iot Platforms

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IoT Edge and Data Center Computing

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IoT Communication Networking Infrastructure

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IoT Sensors

What We Do

We guide clients up the IoT stack

Through the benefits of 5G, cloud migrations, and edge computing, Sology uses its expertise to guide clients up the IoT stack, all within a secure environment.

We help our clients see beyond the sensors and applications to find meaningful data with insightful dashboards, resulting in increased overall efficiency.

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Business Intelligence and Dashboards

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Data Collection and Application

  • Public Data Center
  • Applications
  • Private Data Center
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IoT Sensors and Smart Systems

  • Smart Cities
  • Integrated Utilities
  • Security
  • Smart Buildings
  • Smart Traffic

What We Offer

Customized solutions to fit your unique business needs.

Drawing on our deep technology expertise and practical insights, we develop a customized plan, based on a thorough assessment of your business.

This plan enables you to transform data into meaningful information and insights that enhance the end-user experience, drive business outcomes, and better position your business for the future.

Who We Serve

Sology boasts a proven track record of catering to the needs of large enterprises and excels in seamlessly scaling services for organizations, regardless of size. We are experts at integrating IoT technologies to create smart spaces that enhance the connected world.

Smart Cities and Campuses

  • Local and State Government
  • K-12 / College Campuses
  • Utilities

Commercial SMBs

  • Brick & Mortar / Retail and Services
  • Nursing and Residential Care Facilities
  • Warehouse and Distribution Centers
  • Houses of Worship


  • State Departments of Transportation
  • Tollroad and Turnpike Authorities
  • City Traffic and Transportation Departments
  • Airports / Ports
  • Transit / Rail Agencies