IoT Leadership: Real-Time Solutions

A trusted provider at the forefront of the loT movement, we migrate customers from disparate systems to integrated networked-based solutions for real-time data collection and response.

Exponential growth continues for IoT connected devices


16 billion estimated connected IoT devices


29 billion estimated connected IoT devices

Benefits of IoT

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Safety & Security

Taking action with IoT and smart technologies is critical for the safety and security of your employees, your constituents, and your organization’s data.

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Cost Savings

Smart technologies enable you to use your company’s financial resources more effectively and realize greater value in your IT/OT budget.

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Data Insights

Actionable insight is the lifeblood of IoT. Sology enables you to make use of the information-rich data IoT platforms create.

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Expanded Revenue

Utilizing smart technologies creates new revenue streams through digital kiosks, private networks, smart parking, and more.