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The Road to Why Podcast

In the unprecedented times of the pandemic of 2020, Ed Christmas was challenged with the question, “What’s Your Why?”.  As the founder and president of Sology Solutions, he questioned the reason for the digital divide and the under-representation of blacks in the field of technology and entrepreneurship.

With that, in his new podcast series, “The Road to Why”, Ed Christmas engages in meaningful conversations with fellow technology industry experts, business leaders, and non-profit organizations about making a difference, not just making a profit. He invites his guests to share their journey of deciding their “why” and where they’re headed to achieve their goals.  He highlights the positive impact that is being made in lives and communities of those who have been forgotten.

It is through these discussions that Ed hopes to bring attention and awareness to the opportunities to build a brighter future of economic and digital equality in underserved communities.

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The Road to Why podcast is proudly sponsored by Cisco. Sology Solutions is honored to be a member of the African American Cisco Partner Community.

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Empowering and Educating Youth to Open Doors for a Future in Technology

“Giving the next generation options, accessibility and confidence” is what drives Courtney Batiste to lead The Batiste Project whose mission is to empower, educate and bridge the tech divide for economically challenged youth in multiple areas of technology. Her journey as a woman of color in the tech industry has led her to do great things that are making a difference in the lives of students today, that will open doors for them tomorrow.

Reaching Out and Reaching Back to Pull Up the Next Generation

Meet Johannes Starks – educator, mentor and leader who is full of wisdom and energy to reach out and reach back to pull up the next generation, by providing opportunities through her work with STEAM-based programs and organizations. She serves in many roles to live out her “why” to connect passion and purpose. She is the Executive Director of BEST of Texas Robotics; she volunteers as a statewide mentor for NASA HUNCH, and she is a college and career readiness Leadership Coach for Educate Texas.


Championing Diversity and the Success of WBEs and MBEs in the Public Transportation Sector

Gabriel Beltran of Dallas Area Rapid Transportation shares his journey of living out his desire to help others by serving in the public sector, supporting women and minority-owned businesses, as an executive in the Diversity & Vendor Management department.

Re-imagining Equity, Equality and Inclusion in the Workplace for Today’s Leaders

“My purpose is to serve.”– Aaliyah Haqq, Chief Operating Officer, of The Academy for Advancing Excellence. Aaliyah shares her journey and vision for cultural transformation in American institutions, in both private and public sectors. She challenges leaders to take a strong stance to acknowledge that inequities exist and create inclusive environments and policies that result in real change.

Transforming Lives of Youth from Underserved Communities in Partnership with Caring Adults

“My why in life is to improve the lives of others.”, shares Antoine Joyce-Roach, Vice President and City Leader, All Stars Project of Dallas. Antoine takes us through his personal journey and how it ties to the history of the All Stars Project from New York to Dallas. His passion to give back is contagious and inspiring. His focus is to build community by bridging racial, economic, and social divisions to develop a caring 21st Century America.


Solutions for MBEs Struggling to Access Capital to Grow and Scale their Business

Playbook Investors Network’s Rodney Woods (Founder, CEO & Board Chairman) and Dean Jones (Venture Partner) engage in a candid and lively discussion regarding the challenges black business owners face to take their enterprise to the next level. Through PIN, they provide opportunities for all types of emerging business enterprises to do business with a range of corporations, from the Fortune 500 to smaller organizations and other diverse suppliers looking to broaden their reach.


Increasing the Representation and Participation of Black People in Technology

“I’ve found my why. I have to do this.” — Peter Beasley of Blacks United in Leading Technology International. As Executive Director of BUILT, Peter shares how his organization is building equity for Blacks in the technology industry through community-focused activities, events and programs. BUILT places an emphasis on their efforts being a united movement, and partners with organizations representing all ethnicities who act as investors to support their work.

Woman-owned Business Walks the Talk for Diversity and Bridging the Digital Gap

“We walk the talk.”—Tomeka Herod, President, of The Wilkins Group, a multi-generation, woman-owned telecommunications company committed to closing the digital divide by placing fiber in cities throughout the United States. Tomeka and her team show respect and care by employing the hard-to-employ, providing STEM education to young people in the community and developing minorities in their technology careers.


Insights on Small Business Development and Impacting Community as a Black Business Leader

Larry Hall, President & CEO of Qnet Managed Services, shares about the challenges and learnings that come with building a start-up technology business of 24 years. Larry serves as President of the Greater Southwest Black Chamber of Commerce and is a leader, mentor and role model to other small business owners, as well as young Black students in Dallas ISD. His “why” is to empower minority-owned businesses to be successful, while using his natural gifts and talent for leadership.


Stay tuned. More episodes to come!